About REX Interiors LLC

REX Group of companies is a renowned brand and an efficacious amalgamation of dynamic companies. In particular, at REX Interiors LLC, we have successfully undertaken various design projects for over 6 years and now have established ourselves as more than just an interior design organization. We also provide consultancy services and turnkey installations. As a company aiming for excellence, REX Interiors has amassed a team of seasoned designers, fit-out experts, industry specialists, and draft technicians. We aim to impress at first sight, making sure that your asset leaves the best first impression. We provide practical, reliable, and riveting interior design solutions. At REX Interiors, we excel at cost-effective, high-quality designs. We aim to assist and ensure excellent service every step of the way. We guarantee a seamless experience where every project is delivered safely, snag-free, and to the highest quality. At REX Interiors, we are committed to providing the most practical, feasible, and creative solutions to achieve our clients’ goals. At REX interiors, we extend our brilliant interior design, fit-out, and consultancy expertise to the global city of Dubai and aim to be one of the top luxury interior design companies.

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