About Us

An empty room is like a blank canvas, and our interior designers are the artist.

REX Group of companies is a renowned brand and an efficacious amalgamation of dynamic companies. In particular, at REX Interiors LLC, we have successfully undertaken various design projects for over 6 years and now have established ourselves as more than just an interior design organization.

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We Do

We deliver originality and excellence. And promise the highest level of quality to your project by providing suitable and timely solutions to meet all your expectations and needs. We offer state-of-the-art turnkey solutions that profoundly change the way you view a space. Our abilities and expertise are segmented into these services that combine our vast network, focus, and skills.

Interior Design & Consultancy Services

We offer Interior Designing Consultancy & supervision of all designing work for various establishments. We have a team of designers, decorators, joinery experts, visualizers, & architects.


Design and

Any complex construction project requires a delicate balance between time, craftsmanship, and cost. we bring creativity and technical expertise to our projects and ensure economic efficiency.


Turnkey Retail and F&B Fit-Out

Our expertise lies in providing high-end turnkey fit-out projects within the Commercial, Retail, Residential, Hospitality, and F&B sectors. Our team comprises qualified & certified construction.


Office and Retail Industries

Our architects' team offers effective solutions specially created for the existing space to reflect your company's identity and values. We provide a complete and unitary working system.


Shopfront Work

Shopfront design makes an imperative impact on your customers and business sales. At REX Interiors, we specialize in installing and manufacturing bespoke shop fronts, windows, and doors.


MEP & Work

MEP, Architecture & Structure design includes precision in planning, decision making, accurate documentation, performance and cost-estimation, construction, and maintaining the resulting facilities.


3D Visualization

Interior architectural interpretations are 3D images from the perspective of a building's interior. These renderings are dynamic, realistic ways to get an inside look at a building's layout and interior design.


Concept Design

Architecture has no relevance without a concept, an overriding idea, or a diagram that gives it lucidity and identity. Function, not form, is what distinguishes architecture from mere building.


Why Choose Us

Value for your investment

We help balance comfort with luxe and the practical with the desirable in the most cost-effective manner. Our most significant advantage is that we offer one-stop solutions for all interior decor and design needs assisting you at the same time and money.

Well-considered design

Our team ensures we have the nous to create innovative and stylish solutions for your home and office through extensive combined knowledge and experience. Whatever the project, our job is to find the best solution.

Exclusive designs for exclusive clients

We provide tailor, made designs that comply with your vision. We want you to love the result and work with you to ensure you are the happiest and most satisfied with the outcome.

Seamless Solution

From the inception of the project to its completion stage, our creative team will look after your project from start to finish, ensuring a seamless design, construction, and decoration process.

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